ECHAFI for pharmacy management 1.4



  Product name: ECHAFI for pharmacy management

  Version: 1.4

  Last update: 12-01-2014

  Registration number: HSS003

  Type: management of medical informations systems

next version

 the period of the upgrade will be between 6 months and a year and a half

Version number: 1.23.1

We are delighted to receive your suggestions if you are from users of the system.


System Summary

The program ECHAFI 1.23.1 version of hospital management is considered among the highly advanced systems in this area. It is easy to use and relevant. It includes all hospital functions. It provides the functionalities listed below:

1. Security And Access Control 
2. Patient Registration And Master Index .
3. Outpatient Scheduling System .
4. Medical Records ICD 9 /10/phc .
5. Order Communication System .
6. Patient Billing .
7. Inpatient Management System .
8. Accident And Emergency System.
9. Chart Tracking System.
10. Medical Reports System.
11. Laboratory Information System.
12. Blood Bank Information System.
13.Radiology Management System .
14. Pharmacy Management System.
15. Inventory & Purchase Ordering System.
16. Human Resources Management System.
17. Account Receivable .
18. Vendors Accounts.
19. General Accounts .
20. Assets Management.
21. E-Mail system .
22. E-Archive.
23. E-Report

1.Patient registration and master index:

In this section, we make the input of patient data essential and we must at least take (name, surname, father's name, date of birth / age, nationality, gender) in addition to these (profession, address, close, contagious diseases, like the patient (citizen, foreign, free), health plan, physician, family doctor, doctor. Also, one can add the patient's photo, the data concerning the insurance, account data, type of rates and discounts. You can also add additional information such family file and the care card number etc. Our software provides a unique identifier for each patient and records the opening date his record to reduce the effort of the user.

2.Outpatient scheduling system:

The external consultation management system and appointment service of personal data and their specialties. It offers a schedule depending on the specialty; in addition, there is the possibility to choose the operations carried out by the specialist physician and percentage. The system also allows the preparation of medical records and sends them from the central archive of medical records to specialists. Thus, it determines the visits to specialists, after then it coordinate with the reception by scheduling time doctors, nurses and administrative staff off and dates for booking taken by patients (day/hour). Also, it is linked to Financial System.

3.Medical records Icd:

The system is designed according to international standards (ICD9-ICD10) and updates on global systems in the code and the classification.

The system allows for user creating patient sheet for each specialty without the need for any technical additions with the possibility of transferring the patient to another consultations or inpatient or laboratory or any other hospital service. Also, the record of the patient’s medical data on: (procedures, patient complaints, patient history, examination, operations…)

4.Order communication system:

 It is a partial for the resident doctor who will record the results of initial and periodic patient examination and diagnostic…etc. It also provides  commands and procedures required for the patient: the nature of the food, the activity of the patient, drugs, tests and examination, inspections, the doses and dates, operations required and time.

5.Patient bills:                                                        

This program issue bills patients dealing with treatment unit where the data that previously entered on other program is collected automatically into the billing patient, either the other data did not finish their own programs are entered by the user program. This is one of the main axes of the financial system, in which all transactions for the patient outside of all the previous services view and extract one receipt total or detailed delivery services and the patient to hospital accounting. System allows user to print the invoice total for the patient and the services rendered to him during his stay and treatment in hospital.

6.Impatient management system:

It is a part of the impatient department of the hospital. It generates a map of the room including the names of patients, diagnostic, the doctor, recording entry and exit of patients and recording the is linked with the billing system for producing the bill of his/her stay in internal services.

7.Accident and emergency system:

It allows the registration data and data access and data out of the patient’s emergency temporary record. The system Links emergency system with patient accounts for account statement depending on patient emergency provisional record number. As well as the report of account balance patient emergency service.

8.Chart tracking system:

The system allows extraction of all medical reports and follow-up by international standards and reports: on patients and their ailments, radiology, operations,  billing, accommodation, medical analyzes, complaints of patients…

9.Medical reports system:   

The system offer the possibility of more than one service of the same patient from any service of the hospital (consultations, lab, radiology, pathology, radiotherapy…etc.) with recording the date and time when the service is requested to the patients in addition to the possibility of reviewing the patient’s previous visits and services requested to him on each visit.

10.Laboratory information system:

It is a part of medical analyzes laboratory management at the hospital, lets deal with patient records directly.The required analyzes for each patient are automatically sent to the lab to quickly and easily without any procedures to the patient

11.Blood bank information system:

Blood bank information system can achieve statistics, inventory and expiration date of the blood, to know the proper and healthy donors and following them up and keep on contact with the rare blood types.

12.Radiology management system:

It is used to record data about making radios and it is linked with the patient record, also, the tests required for each patient (outpatient or inpatient) are automatically send to the radiology service, the system that handles the patient record directly

13.Pharmacy management system:

We use the system to enter all the information on the pharmaceutical cards and get multiple reports (date of validity, the most material movement, the latest movement, standing, which decreased the minimum, which increased the maximum, the most profit…)

14.Inventory and purchase ordering system:

 It serves to control the stocks of materials distinctly from the upper and lower limit and validity. It determines the number of inventory and accounting so as to generate and modify the restrictions on holding operations, using its continuous (permanent) inventory or final inventory or horizontal inventory (according deposits) or synthesis inventory ( depending on the size or the lot number or the color or the manufacturing company or the company’s code or serial numbers).

15.Human resources personnel system:

Through this window we can select professions into the hospital in order to define the IDs of the staff. Technical program contains a simplified system for personnel and is easy to use, it contains basic information about each employee and ensure and follow-up (employee salaries, skills, courses, qualifications, promotions, rewords, benefits, insurance…etc.) with the least possible effort.

16.Account receivable:

An integrated system for the registration of customers and create automated accounts with a unique identifier. This system has an intelligent researcher for any information of the customer and customized to each business and its procedures, analysis and extraction of financial value to them.

17.Suppliers accounts:

Is an advanced search includes all supplier information, supply bills and type, payment method and accounts. It follows the procedure of payment and generates checks that can be printed and followed.

18.General account:

Is the work according to international accounting standards and the use of modern methods of administrative and financial accounting of accounts (main, common, cost, distributive, associative), allowing full flexibility in the design manual for accounts with no limited of levels with the show of structure of guide for visually with the possibility to modify the structure of guide after holding the daily operations.

19.Assets management:

At the end of each period and upon request, the system calculates consumption for each fixed asset automatically (for each asset or of specific assets) and it issues accounting entries required for consumption in a flexible manner therefor it allows the user to identify the accounts affected by each asset.

20.E-mail system:

It can send simple messages and complaints, rewords, penalties, calling meeting and send all kids of files to a particular or certain users (doctors) or hospital and can be through this e-mail follow-up data and making sure they arrive directly without damage or loss or lock of down and bottom up and horizontal application of centralization with control and decentralization with work to achieve effective management.


The documentation is of great importance in modern management so important stems from article as it allows archiving patient record, updating and attaching it to the radiological images and analyzes and various medical reports and all sorts of images that likely saved in addition to the medical patient file, financial documents such as receipts, invoices and images and all patient record, so as to facilitate access and research, including the conservation of important and personnel files in a safe place.


The program is available for all reports and from models that can be invoked and modified them and request by service, and to identify in advance and the system manager can design an infinity of forms and reports as needed, requirements and report models in the program are: (accounting, fixed assets, blood bank, laboratory, x-ray, dotes, personnel stores, pharmacy, customers, statistics, insurance, suppliers, police).

23.Human resource:

This section provides the possibility of dealing with all hospital staff whether employees or doctors or workers, from which generate various electronic forms in action including: (request to define action, request confirmation of a bank account, request leave, request salary premium, other administrative matters concerning staff.

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