The gap study for application of electronic health record



Many managers of hospitals whether were in private or general sector wish to install the system of  the electronic health records (EHR), so, the first procedure as to them will be looking for a company or place an advertisement in a newspapers and magazines talks about an application for the electronic health records, this produces later so many big mistakes and pitfalls. where The first important stage for such these applications is so-called “gap assessment” where it aims to determine whether the medical institution is ready for the installation of the medical system or needs improvement before the installation of the system. In this case, we ask many important inquiries as follows:

  1. Why do we have to apply the system of electronic medical records?
  2. Can we provide a better service to our patients through the use of the electronic medical records?
  3. What is the role that the electronic medical record can play to stabilize the work and to improve  its quality?
  4. If you are an owner for a private sector , the wager in the future or in the near future will not just be with the level of the doctors and their expertise, but also with the level of the service as a whole which creates a high competitiveness buy viagra online .
  5. Do you have enough humanitarian and informational elements which allows us to apply the electronic medical records?
  6. How much money is allocated to apply the electronic medical records?
  7. Are there any transitional stages that must be passed before approving the electronic medical record in general?

We believe that it is very important to ask ourselves these questions, it is also in the same level of  importance to point out that the general director should have consciousness of the importance of electronic medical record because that has a crucial role.

The assessment takes several forms, but agrees in a set of frameworks within the following questions:

  1. What is the level of organization and adjustment of various administrative operations and the rate of its documenting?
  2. Is the progress of the medical work understandable and documented by all doctors and the hospital staff?
  3. Do you have a department of information technology? And how do you evaluate its performance level?
  4.  Are there any interested corporations or companies in the information management system that can help you whenever you wish?

Your interest with all this data helps you much in evaluating the current situation which reflects immediately on the implementation of the electronic medical record.

Future vision

To apply the application successfully and also to benefit from it as much as you can, you must have a future vision and a clear imagination of what the use of the electronic medical record can add to us, so, we suggest you to consider the following:

  • What is the difference and benefit that will be provided to the patient? And how shall he feel that?
  • What the application of electronic medical record is going to add to the hospital or the clinic in general?


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