Tackling the entry problems of the doctors

Dealing with the various medical data entry is considered as one of the most difficult challenges that the medical systems makers confront and that is one of the biggest aspects that the companies give an intensive care in order to adapt doctors and innovate effective solutions which contribute in feeding  the electronic medical record. The essential problem that we especially have in the Arab world  and in some advanced countries lies in main points that we can epitomize them as following:

  1. The consultative doctors specially the old ones of them find difficulty in direct dealing with the different means of entry.
  2. The doctors may consult their assistants in writing the reports and entering medical orders specially during the morning or evening tours to the lodging department.
  3. The smallness of the doctors time in general and in particular the emergency services makes them don't commit with entering all data as they are complaining from the text size that needs to be entered or the number of mandatory fields for each medical form inside the system.
  4. There are scientific attempts are carried out to make the vocal commands as a way to enter the medical orders, but they find a legal opposition, particularly the conversion of read text to written text requires bigger adjustments and more scientific and technical efforts in order to avoid its errors and approve it eventually and completely.
  5. Young doctors and alternate doctors of lodging department are more ready to deal with the different means of entering data specially the classic ones of them.

Suggested and applied solutions in Ashafi system.

  1. The first and most spread solution is to use the keyboard and it was as a default solution after receiving specialized courses on rapidity of typing and reading.
  2. The use of the ready list of diseases and the amendment to it ( known as ‘diagnostic). the system enters and saves all or most of diagnoses particularly those that are frequent to display them, in this way; it facilitates the entry process because the text will be ready with some amendments.
  3. The use of automatic scan of bar code through the prescription that contains the bar code. and this mechanism works in this way, the electronic medical system issues a prescription containing patient's number and visit number, when the scanner scans, the patient number and visit number are read and consequently the text will be stored as an image in the patient's file.        
  4. In the system there is a possibility of using the electronic pen as an input means and it is very successful but you have to choose the appropriate pen and consider the cost.
  5. Using the tablet pc as a very useful input means for doctors, but we have to look at the practical side of it, especially its cost is relatively cheap.
  6. The use of computers with touch screen which known as All in One
  7. Dealing with medical laboratories seems more practical because the system is directly connected to them to read the results and insert them into the systems.



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