Identification of objectives and results measurement during the application of the electronic medical record:

Through this article, we aim to explain the directives of the technology of medical information to have successful application of electronic medical record. In setting goals and objectives, we can improve the quality and identify the characteristics of the electronic medical record and therefore it contributes in the achievement of the objectives of the institution. If you can identify your objectives, you can also identify your needs. Based on these requirements, you can choose the suitable system of electronic medical record.
It is very important to establish concrete and achievable goals for whether the implementation of electronic medical record to be successful. The directives include examples that can be used to determine objectives.

We can ask some questions, as well as:

  • Why we should set goals and measure its profits during the implementation of the electronic medical record?
  • How we are going to begin to apply the electronic medical record.
  • What are the objectives that we must identify during the application of the electronic medical record?
  • The appropriate method to prepare a good plan of goals.
  • The tools for identification of objectives and measurement of direct benefit during the transitional application and after the full implementation of electronic medical record. These objectives could include the following:
  • Goals at the level of the system.
  • Objectives in terms of posts.
  • Objectives on the performance level.
  • Objectives on the administrative level.
  • Goals At the level of the service to the patients.

First example: the Central Blood Bank to give a real example of identification of objectives:

  • First objective : by raising the level of knowledge through many training sessions that are:
  • The basic principles of electronic medical record.
  • The transition from paper chart to electronic records.
  • Change management to implement the electronic health record.

The profit measure is carried out directly during the application through spreading awareness to accept the new transition.

  • Second objective: gain essential skills for manipulating the electronic medical system for donor data management. We can achieve this goal, by the scientific application of echafi system to manage the blood bank. This has reduced the gap between the theoretical and the practical transferring from paper records to electronic records.
  • 3rd objective: the change at the administrative level to implement electronic medical records because the blood bank works with a different treatment data method that is different from that adopted by the electronic medical record. The objective is manifested by illumination of the obstacles that confront the electronic medical record implementation for the donor data management.
  • 4th objective: Monitor the actual work and improve the performance, and this was done through a questionnaire intended specifically for monitoring the errors that can occur during application, and the goal of this procedure is to evaluate the performance and the previous stages as well.

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