Evaluation of the Performance post-training (continuous training)

None of us is disagree on the importance of training, but if the training was giving without evaluating the results later, or following it up in the process of developing a complete vision for the purpose of training, it fails to achieve its purpose, and for that we put in our perception number of important data, including:

1. Study the initial state of the organization and the performance of the employees before the training, and provide reports about it to the institution just for the purpose of comparison later.
2. Evaluate the Performance during the training to encourage the individual creativity, and the codification of the daily follow-ups with it for the purpose of comparison later.
3. Evaluate the Performance after training through two components:
- Contact with the change in the possibilities of personal trainee directly.
- Contact with the change of course of the trainee within the general course of work.
4. Preparation of a study or report (depending on the situation and status) in collaboration with the recipient organization of the training program.
5. Our main curriculums rely on the means of explaining and clarifying contribute in reflecting this change through the following:
- Framing theoretical aspects of the subject through a short lecture.
- Discussion and dialogue.
- Exercises and Practical situations.
- Practical applications.
- Play and role-playing.
- Workshops.
- Training by reviewing our previous experiences and / or experiences of other countries or institutions.

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