Operating requirements in medical system

The Company is working on the installation of computers, servers and the networks running the computer network using the latest technologies and applications for the wireless, wired network and installing the systems of management and network protection.
1. Apply the different Software of (Shafi) to computerize the medical records that include patient information management system (registration, appointments, input) And the system of the patient's computerized record system, laboratory system, radiology and imaging system, pharmacy system, encoded Drug Administration System, Surgery System, emergency department information, the blood Bank and the systems of nutrition and other, apply (PACS) system, which provides the appearance of radiology images on computer screens with high quality and link it with the system of patient's computerized record, And prepare the locations with medical and laboratory devices and link it with "shafi" systems, such as providing sites with (Barcode) and Medicines packaging devices, and that’s to pursue the exchange of medicines to the patients Residents in the hospital.
2. Train the Staff of the hospitals and health centers that applies the system from doctors and nurses in all departments on how to use the various training programs provided by the company.
3. Organize awareness campaigns for the local community about the benefits of applying the management systems of medical information in hospitals and health centers.
4. Prepare the Infrastructure of technical support center that works around the clock at the TSD Company the company of Systems of Health software within the highest standards.
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Technical Specifications

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