Medical history of patients

This screen displays the patients who visited the clinic and doctor can choose to appear all patient records and by making this choice the doctor can access to the all medical record of the patient by identifying the patient’s name and pressing on the VIEW PATIENTS HISTORY button.

And after the patient selection, the data appears as follows:

  • Personal data: all patient data that has been entered by the reception are shown in this screen it also shows the number of visits that he/she made to the clinic, the name of medical practice which has been consult, date and time.

  • Medical analysis laboratory: Here we find the results of medical analysis made by the patient and its date and those are resent to the doctor who can print it by clicking on the PRINT button.

  • Radiology: the results of the radio made by patients are displayed here and it allows the doctor to see the results through the DICOM.


  • Diagnosis: we find here the visits made by the patient each granted by its diagnosis.

  • Surgical operations: This interface shows the surgical operations performed by the patient where it presents the operation name, date and time, the names of the doctors who supervise it and the names of nurses who participate, the comments noted by the physician and the results.

  • Dialysis: here it shows the dialysis that the patient could of done where it shows the session date, start and end date and time of the meeting as well as the type of dialysis and doctor's observations.



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