The concept and importance of training in medical information management systems

It is observed that training in medical information management systems has a high level of importance, but training in this field, in particular, has a special concept that differs from others in the following aspects:

  1. It varies according to the category of trainers. If the category includes physicians or staff of medical services, the trainer should have a broad idea about the features of their area and the nature of technical and scientific point of view, and therefore the theoretical side of this area is not enough if you didn’t reinforced it by a great experience.
  2. If the category of trainees that integrate training includes technical support engineers or information technology managers in medical institutions, this requires a broad knowledge of trainers behind the general use, to the design, programming and development in this area.
  3. Often, different institutions complain because of the lack of immediate interest after completion of training, moreover the performance's evaluation will be difficult and requires time. However, the results of training in medical information management systems, and the use of various technologies are direct and immediate after completion of training and sometimes during training.
  4. During the training, the trainer and the trainee often face many obstacles in this new field, where the team working in the field of medicine have become used to working with in some way that does not coincide in the many aspects of its issue, particularly with regard to the code, coding, linking in numbering and electronic processes in this environment. This hampers the process and requires an additional and substantial effort, and obliges the instructor to manage changing strategies and process to make them a reality.
  5. Commenting about previews, and in particular point No. 4, it is important to form a reconciliation between the medical institution working mechanism and the electronic medical system, which will be adopted, so that we should not follow users in many of their own ideas and their individual needs. At the same time, we must not ignore them completely, and we can rectify them during training, where many of the trainees tend to be convinced by new ideas during training on a practical more than theoretical.
  6. Many various medical institutions have gone through experiences that have made them hardened in their demands, especially when changing two or more systems in a short time, and obviously we cannot judge the reasons in this small subject but we strongly recommend you to focus on training, and we recommend medical institutions to revise the training content at the manufacturers of systems before examining the systems themselves. It should not be set on efficiency of the system only, but it is necessary to focus on efficiency of training services associated with it, because the nature of the medical systems added to the nature of medical institutions and complexities administrative accompanied, make them a little difficult application.
  7. The training should not be limited to medical staff, which is responsible for implementation only, but overcome administrative obstacles and making the right decision form a very important and sensitive process to reach a successful application of medical information management systems, and for this reason the heads of medical departments of an administrative nature have critical roles and should contact their appropriate roles.


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