Identifying the appropriate medical record


The selection of electronic medical record system is considered as a crucial decision and whatever big planning it needs and whatever opinions differ regarding the appropriate time to choose an electronic medical record system in planning stage, where some people improve selection standards they desire to use it through planning process, while some others start to choose medical record system then they carry on a planning to support this system. As most interested people in this field put a primary plan to determine their main goals. And to determine the electronic medical record system that supports these goals. And then putting the final touches for their plan, after establishing the clinic or the hospital and after the determination of their goals and planning to the way in which the electronic medical record system will effect on the work progress. The leadership of the team and staff can identify what can be looked for and choose the electronic medical record system. Here many considerations of comparison are cited: 

  • Does the product contain the primary needs that you are looking for? As it is important to know the needs that the product of the electronic medical record wants to help you in the implementation of the system and to benefit of its product.
  • Clarifying the price before to choose the electronic medical record system  (hardware, software, maintenance, the cost of  upgrading , the paid choices on stages , the cost of communication and exchange of medical information, quality reports as requested, etc…).
  • Determination of the period for supporting the implementation (amount, schedule,etc …).
  • Clarify roles, responsibilities and costs for data transfer strategy from paper file to electronic file and select the data or the amount of data which make the operation of transition easier buy zoloft online .
  • Server options (e.g. client-server, applications services provider (ASP), software like (SAS).
  • The ability to incorporate with other products (e.g. plants management systems, invoices systems, the public health institutions).
  • Privacy and security capacity and reserve planning.
  • Provide rewards for doctors and staff to encourage them to work with the system of electronic medical records.
  • The stability of company that provides these systems.
  • Consider the costs of employing lawful consultant for reviewing contracts.  
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