The good use of electronic medical record


The installation of electronic medical records systems aims in the first place to improve the quality of the health care introduced to the patient, and its success depends on this aspect. So, we can measure the financial saving, the range of service improvement, the exchange of information internally or what is known as (CMS) which means the content management system.

The real and useful implementation of the electronic medical records takes several patterns and we may show them as following.

  • The full use of medical record with its different data brings direct and tangible benefits for the patient and for the doctor's performance.
  • The good use for the financial record of the patient helps the patient's parents and the financial development directly.
  • Improving quality is reflection for what preceded.
  • Through this advanced pattern, patients and their families can be participated in. different medical data.
  • Such systems provide guarantee of security and privacy of different medical data.
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