National Institute of Oncology-Sabratha

Recipient name: National institute of oncology _ sabratha
Description of recipient: the National institute of oncology Sabratha, is one of the most important hospitals specialized in the treatment of tumors in Libya and north of Africa, and It is specialized in both surgical and chemical treatment method. the hospital contains a lot of services, outpatient clinics, medical laboratories and its capacity is around 200 beds add to that there’s more than 800 employees working in this hospital.

Start of project: 22/07/2014
The goals of project: to implement the Echafi system in several sectors of the hospital by starting with reception, cash, outpatient and stores, pharmacy, medical laboratories, hospitalization and finally financial accounting.

Implementation phases include:

  • Installation of an integrated network.
  • Studying the current state and put an integrated plan for the application.
  • Start with specialized courses for all employees.
  • Start by implementing the system in reception and outpatient clinics


The current situation: continue the technical support and follow the rest of the services to complete the system.


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