Issuing the third upgrade of the second edition

900SELLA system is one of the best software for School Management System with powerful tools in various administrative and financial processes for private schools, which are designed to solve common mistakes due to daily routines, both financially and administratively. The system also provides many advantages and access to student data and financial parents in detail. The new version of the SELLA has a lot of substantial improvements that came to meet the growing needs of our customers in different regions.
1- Follow up and the monthly debt inventory of the educational institution accurately.
2 - Follow up monthly and annual revenue of the educational institution in a precise and complete.
3 - Tabulation and follow up the expenses of the educational institution.
4 - Registration of students and communicate with parents through SMS.
5 - Sending SMS automatic when the payment is delayed by a specific date as desired by the management of the institution.
6 - Management the student’s information and parents (father / mother).
7 - Comparative the income and expenditure on a monthly basis.
9. Follow-up to the full financial record of parents.
Printed a detailed list of parents who paid or did not for every month.
11. Detailed disclosure of debts during a certain period.
12. Issuing and tabulating salaries of employees.
13. Staff data Management.
Follow up supplier accounts accurately.
15 - Discount for parents according to the number of students.
Classification of services by levels to the following:
- Kindergartens.
- Primary school
- Middle school
- High school.
17 - Recording and monitoring all actions performed by the users.

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