A new version of Shafi system for blood banks

A new version of the Central Blood Bank system that include integrated solutions, where the company has developed the system and generates version 1.10.2 with lot of software upgrades and a lot of scientific details and it fills the gaps of previous versions. 


 This version has the following features:

  • Developing the general setting with more details.
  • Add a lot of features that make the system with great vitality in terms of blood safety.
  • Apply the world health organization standards.
  • Add a lot of details that concern the management donation, donor data and means of communication buy xanax online .
  • Add a special part for quality control and monitoring of blood safety.
  • Add a special part for external campaigns.
  • Add a special part to the dashboard that adds reports and make sophisticated statistics.

Added to that, this version has a lot of different characteristics.

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