The establishment of EHR management to the clinic/hospital

The establishment of electronic medical record management to the clinic / hospital:
Our company is not satisfied by providing medical information management system only but also it plays an important role in the design of the archived medical records management through a series of important standards set by international criteria, including best standards of design in the service of medical records that are:

First: The choice of location:

When choosing the location one must take into account the following considerations:

  • Choose a location close outpatient clinics to ensure ease and speed the transfer of medical records where that 90% of medical records are sent daily to outpatient clinics.
  • Choose a location close to the ED and the input and output Office to accelerate the response to their needs.
  • Ease of access of medical staff to complete medical records or for the purposes of research and study.
  • Ease of expansion: The medical records department is considered among the services that can be rapidly expanded and it is preferred to choose a site that offers the possibility of expansion and addition to respond to future extensions.


Second, choose the area:

One of the main problems facing the medical records departments are insufficient storage space and medical record-keeping that may cause loss and damage to the medical records. Given the size of the hospitals, we can determine the optimal size of the approximate space as in the table:


Hospital volume  area  Area / m2 
50 beds  10m*10m  100
100-200 beds  15m*12m 180 
300beds  12m*20m  240 
500 beds  27m*12m  324


Third: Interior Design:

The effectiveness and efficiency of service in the medical records sector is based on a good interior design in this sector so that this design should take into account the various activities and ease of deal flow and coherence and this includes the design of the office space, furniture, office equipment and spatial factors such as air conditioning, lighting, sound and air.

When designing the medical records department, we should also look at factors such as temperature, humidity, and ventilation, which may cause damage to the medical records.


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