Draw your plan to apply the electronic medical record


It is very important to build an executive plan to apply the electronic medical records and that to  determine the medical tasks that need to be done, in one effective and specified plan to the participating team in the process of change to divide the tasks as following:

• What are the new tasks or processes with which you will start?

• What are the tasks or processes which you will cease doing them?

• What are the tasks or processes which will keep them?

 The starting date and the finishing date must be specified to help the team to specify the tasks priorities in implementing the whole plan for the medical electronic records and to clarify the work environment, as it is important to keep some tasks which form an obstacle apart of application in the initial stages and to defer them later.

The steps of  the planning stages:

Here some of the tactical procedures that usually occur during the planning stage for implementing the electronic medical records, and the following are the most important buy viagra online 

1.Analyzing and drawing  the tasks progress during the practical application for different  daily tasks within the medical institution ( the status quo ).

2.Setting a plane to stabilize the progress of the medical work EHR, and creating patterns of  new work progress to improve efficiency or operations ( Future state )

3.Setting an emergency plan or an alternative plan to face the problems which may occur during the process of implementation.

4.Creation of a project plan to move from paper to EHR,  and  designation of an executive for the project management.

5.Putting charts of data flow to transfer the data from papers into an electronic charts.  and to identify the data elements that you will need to enter in the new EHR with the possibility to remove some articles.

6.Studying the possibility of entering previous data in the new system right after completing its application.

7.Identify the fears and obstacles concerning the privacy and security and putting a plan to repair them, as it is necessary to point up the importance of privacy and security when moving to EHR.

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