Direct interaction with the several interfaces of electronic medical record

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External consultations:

When a patient takes an appointment, it will be forwarded directly to the doctor’s office, the patient’s information displayed on the appointment screen: showing the appointments of that day working hours of the doctor either it was morning or afternoon and the total number of consultations that he/she will be taking that day, also showing the completed consultations and those that are not. Also shows the name of which hospital the doctor belongs to , then the doctor Choose the patient who is supposed to enter and press the button IN OPD.











Once the patient enters to the doctor, it will be possible for the doctor to view all patient main information from the date of consultation, to the patient’s number that has been given to him/her by the software, and his name with Arabic and English language, date of birth, gender, national identity card number, blood type, nationality, country, landline number and mobile, email address, postal address.

Then it will be possible for the doctor to request analysis of the patient or get another appointment for review or ask to make a scanner or the need for a surgical operation, the doctor also works on codification of the diagnosis of the patient through ICD-10 interface and also gives the prescription to the patient to present to the pharmacy. In addition, the interface allows you to view the patient's medical history and when all these points are completed, the doctor let out the patient by clicking the button OUT OPD.

The laboratory:

When the doctor presses on this option, a message appears asking the doctor if he wants to perform medical analysis in the medical institution or not. Whether he/she selected ‘yes’, another interface appears that manages the addition of analysis for the patient. This interface shows the number of analysis and its date, the patient data like number, name, sex, data of birth, address.

After that, he presses the ADD button, the analysis library appears and from it the doctor chooses the required analysis of the patient. Analysis are divided into main groups, which fall subsections. The doctor presses the record button after selecting the all names needed for patient.

Then a list of the chosen analysis appears and the doctor presses the SAVE button.


If the doctor wants to print a list of tests required to be delivered to the patient, he presses the print button.


Monitoring patient:

In the case that doctor wants the patient’s to return for medical check-up, he selects a new appointment date through this screen. This screen contains patient data and from it the doctor determine the review appointment date and finally clicks on the SAVE button.


Here, too, a message is displayed to the doctor asking him/her about the patient if he/she will make the Radiograph in the clinic or outside

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