The scanner of the medical data on paper

We all know that the processing of medical records is highly sensitive. Many doctors faced several problems when they enter medical data of the patient and it does not stop to have these problems even with the advanced search tools. However, our company offers one of the most effective solutions which are added to the techniques to address the problems of input, which are automatic scanning of medical papers prepared by the doctor.
This technology is based on:

  • The company prepares papers in a form of records or medical reports…and they contain bar codes generated by the system.
  • The doctor will have to choose or what is to referred to in the medical prescription or medical report for a given patient.
  • The nurse or an agent of the Medical Archive passes this document under the scanner.
  • The system reads the bar code, it identifies the targeted patient and directly, it puts the scanned file in the folder of this patient.


This method is comfortable for doctors, but it is important to note that it is not recommended using OCR techniques to identify the text and try to type the text written by a doctor's to text that can be changed. This method has faults among which:

  • The writing of doctors is very often incomprehensible for this it is very difficult to identify the text correctly.
  • Automatic conversion of the text may have legal problems because sometimes, it causes conflict in the preparation of medical reports.
  • We cannot use a search tool in the scanned texts because they are conversed to image, But we can search with a different connotations that can be made within the same report.

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