The necessary changes to facilitate the implementation of electronic medical record

Change management is the essential foundation, on which the application of electronic medical record occurs and thanks to this, we can have the benefits provided by the various constituents of medical information management systems and we can apply gradually and efficiently its lifecycle.

Given its importance, change management and its principles concerning electronic medical records will be sensitive. Here, we cannot adopt the strategies and principles proposed by the "John Kotter," which is one of the leading experts in the planning and organizational reform using a progressive change management approach.

Here, it is useful to note the key elements that include change management in order to have a successful electronic medical record implementation, namely:

  1. The basic principles of change management, why change management is extremely important in the application of electronic medical record
  2. Apply the principles of "John kotter" in the preparation of the necessary tools and procedures to make administrative changes to implement electronic medical records, the principles of "John kotter" are based on the acquisition of administrative leadership and tools necessary to develop the process of implementing electronic medical records.
  3. The third part addresses the determining factors for the success of electronic medical records, and critical points that must be observed by the directors to advance the implementation process.

We can detail the most change management components as follows:

  • What is the change management and what is its importance in the electronic medical record application?
  • Creation of a change environment to facilitate the implementation of electronic medical records.
  • Involve the various elements of the hospital in the change process for the implementation of the electronic record instead of the paper file.
  • What is the best way to get the application and how to support and ensure its continuation?
  • The difference between technological factors and paper files, and how to convince all staff to accept change.
  • What measures to take from the beginning, here we must identify it in detail
  • The transition between phases and site preparation for each phase and the separation between the two and at the same time create a complementarity between steps.

We strongly recommend considering the above in order to effectively implement electronic medical records, the company offers science subjects, advisory services, and necessary training to all of the above.

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