Our company grants the following certificates:

  • Certificate of attendance: these are certificates for the completion of various general sessions approved by the company and recognized by international partners under the agreements signed between the company and the owners of intellectual and moral property rights.
  • Certificates of completion the cycle: it is the official certification granted by the Company in its name or in the name of its partners, and after passing exams and achieving success ratio required for each course, and these certifications are considered important for those who want to use in the development of functional level.
  • Mini diplomas: they are accredited degrees and it is dominated by spcialization, and training time is relatively long (three to six months) and is divided into two levels or four levels and requires a certain success rate.
  • Accredited international diplomas: they are international certificates provided by the company through its international partners, after the completion of the various stages of training and achieving a required pass rate, each certification has a specification different than the other.


Per session, more than one certificate can be award according to the depth of degree, level of training received by the trainee and the different sessions, nature of qualifications may be reviewed.

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