Assessing the real problems

The provision of adequate technical support for medical institution becomes a requirement when the medical establishment uses the software entirely, we can present here the types of support:

  • Technical support in computer equipment and accessories.
  • Technical support at the network and its components.
  • Technical support in software or medical information management systems.

To achieve a high level of service of the institution, it should not overlook any of these three elements and by considering the following:

  • Develop a system according to high standards and international specifications that allows developing the system, import and export easily, which gives rise to its evolution and add extensions to any step.
  • Good integration of software of managing medical information systems with different operating systems, especially Windows versions deployed to provide ease of use.
  • The system does not dependent on a lot of plugins because it is difficult to install or develop software that runs under .NET environment, which need a lot of extensions to the operating system.
  • The first and most important thing is to provide real technical support that comes through the good and continuing training for users and develop their skills in this important and sensitive field.
  • Any company whatever its ability was cannot provide complete technical support except by the presence of an effective information management for the medical institution with which it can communicate and follow up the news with users, medical establishment like hospital or medical center that employs more than 500 people need more than just a contract but to the dissemination of complete culture of medical information management systems.
  • It is difficult, especially in our Arab world to represent a specialized software development company or not specialized in the field of health information management systems provides an appropriate technical support and who makes users recognize its direct benefits if they were not owners of the system and for this reason it is advisable to proceed cautiously when choosing the company that will install the system software.
  • Usually, companies provide a user guide or direct explanations of its software recorded on video, but studies have shown that mental dependence of system users, particularly in the private sector, do not want to spend their time in reading but prefer the direct contact or they ask for a direct technical support, and here the company should try to stress the importance of returning to the guides and use them and provide short and concise texts for use in each interface.


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